Amy Ash Interview

Amy AshTitle: Owner, Executive Chef

Company: Chez Montane

Location: Ester, AK United States


As the owner and executive chef of a private catering company, Amy Ash has spent a lifetime refining her taste and gaining experience from around the country. Listen in to hear this inspiring story of a small-town chef with big-city dreams.

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Diann Martin Interview

Diann MartinTitle: President, Registered Nurse

Company: Road Scholars

Location: Wilmette, IL United States


As a registered nurse, Diann Martin shares her thoughts on the state of modern medicine and the place of nurses in an increasingly expanding and inclusive industry. Listen in to hear Ms. Martin’s advice to new health care professionals and her advice to the industry as a whole.

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Zarin Gillani Interview

Title: Life Purpose Coach Therapist

Company: Excellence in Life Facilitation

Location: Round Rock, TX

As a life purpose coach therapist, Dr. Gillani works with clients who seek guidance in reaching the next step in their lives. Often, these clients have a full picture of where they wish to go, but simply do not know how to go about attaining those goals. Listen in to hear how Dr. Gillani works with each client to determine their situation and how to best position them for success.

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Anil Singh Narration

anil-singhTitle: 1) Physician 2) Assistant Professor of Medicine

Company: 1) Allegheny Health Network 2) Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

Location: Mars, PA United States

Dr. Anil Singh is an internist who treats diseases of the lungs and airways. Listen in to hear about his specialties and how he utilizes his skills to treat patients.

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Catherine Cronin Interview

Title: Owner

Company: Cronin Associates

Location: Falls Church, VA United States

Cathy Cronin advises professional women to follow their strengths and professional desires. Listen in to hear how this advice paid dividends to her as the owner of a financial services company.

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Timothy Mercer Narration

timothy-mercerTitle: Social Worker

Company: Access Hospital

Location: Dayton, OH United States


During the last 26 years, Timothy Mercer’s work has been focused on the treatment and recovery of patients who are severely mentally ill. Listen in to hear how his efforts help patients return to their communities to become productive citizens.

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Steven Giannotta Interview

steven-giannottaTitle: Neurosurgeon, Chairman of Neurological Surgery

Company: Keck School of Medicine of USC

Location: Los Angeles, CA

As a neurosurgeon of the Keck School of Medicine, Dr. Steven Giannotta encourages medical students interested in neurosurgery to pursue this fast-paced and exciting field. Joining the Keck School comes with added benefits to students seeking a rigorous training regimen, as staff members treat a much wider cross-section of patients than would be served at a typical hospital, due to Keck’s status as a safety-net hospital. Listen in to hear about Dr. Giannotta’s subspecialties within the field of neurosurgery, as well as his advice to aspiring professionals in his field.

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Katherine Myers Interview

katherine-myersTitle: Assistive Technology Specialist

Company: Wright State University

Location: Dayton, OH


As the mother of an adult son with special needs, Katherine Myers is no stranger to the hard work and challenges that face the disabled each and every day. To help students with their struggles, she became an assistive technology specialist, matching disabled students with the technology solutions that are best suited to their unique needs and situations. Listen in to hear the prominent role that Rob Myers played in his mother’s career, as well as her deep religious devotion that guides her each and every day.

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Wanessa Pence Interview

penceTitle: Owner, President

Company: Wanessa-Sue, Inc.

Location: Kingman, AZ


As the president of Wanessa-Sue, Inc., Ms. Pence is currently involved with manufacturing a green product for savings of up to 50-60 percent on energy. A proud Navy veteran, Ms. Pence is proud to hire other veterans to benefit her community.

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Michele Whitham Interview

whithamTitle: Owner

Company: Whitham Law

Location: Medford, MA


Ms. Whitham provides legal representation in the areas of business, energy and environmental, health care law, intellectual property, international litigation and arbitration, labor and employment, litigation, real estate and development, and regulatory and government strategies. Listen in to hear how her firm addresses human affairs issues in the workplace.

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