Patty Wiseman Interview

Wiseman, Patty 1579879Title: Author

Location: Woodlawn, TX

Patty Wiseman is an award-winning author of the Velvet Shoe Collection, a series of historical romance fiction novels that take place in 1920s America. A creative spirit and strong storyteller, Ms. Wiseman has been publishing her short stories and novels for the past five years. Tune in to hear Ms. Wiseman talk about her published work and the upcoming projects she has in store.

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1 Response to Patty Wiseman Interview

  1. Wonderful interview. Gee, you sound like me. I too wrote my first three fiction novels based on my grandmother and other relatives. I too have an accounting financial background career. I am retired, I raised my children alone and more. Your interview sounds so much like me. I started writing in 2008. I love writing and you are going to be an inspiration for me. Congratulations on your awards and a nice interview.

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