Geraldine Cox Interview

Geraldine Cox 1722025Title: Country Director and President

Company: Sunrise Children’s Villages, Cambodia

Location: Cambodia

Geraldine Cox started her career with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs in 1970. Her first posting was to Phnom Penh, where she experienced life in a country at war when the Vietnam War spilled over into Cambodia. She went on to work for the The Chase Manhattan Bank, but her original experiences in Cambodia never left her and on a return visit, she became involved in helping an orphaned Cambodian child. From that small beginning, she co-founded what is now the Sunrise Children’s Villages. The nonprofit organization works with more than 400 children who have been abused, abandoned and are in need of love and care. Ms. Cox works tirelessly to provide the children with the shelter, clothes and education they deserve, and needs help in order to fund the organization. She personally travels to different parts of the world and asks for money, but still needs more to sustain the organization for years to come. Tune in to learn more about the inspiring work Ms. Cox does and how you can get involved.

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