Dale Layman Interview

Dale Layman 1956238Title: Author, Speaker, Visionary Thinker in The Sciences, Founder

Company: Robowatch, LLC

Location: Illinois

Dr. Dale Layman is the Founder of Robowatch and the first Grand Ph.D. of Medicine in the U.S. Can we as humans process information like computers without always using them? Did you know that all too soon robots will be in our homes and be our companions, caregivers, pets? These are the questions Dr. Layman poses to the world. He believes we are now in a robot revolution. Dr. Layman, who is anti-robotic, is the counter revolution. His goal is to protect our human identity and not become robots of the future. He looks to enlighten and wake up America to what is coming by reporting on developments in robotics and artificial intelligence. Dr. Layman hopes his findings will open the eyes of people around the world and persuade them to join his cause. Listen to learn more about Dr. Layman and his human rights advocacy group.


As revealed in the Interview, Dr. Layman fears that we are quickly entering what he has called, “A New ROBO- PEARL HARBOR!”  Immediately following this train of thought, leads to an Even More Dangerous Conclusion:  This New ROBO- PEARL HARBOR may, very soon lead, in turn, to what he terms, “A New ROBO- CIVIL WAR!”  This strange, new ROBO- CIVIL WAR may soon be starting Within the United States, and then Spread Like A Deadly Cancer or an Out-of-Control Wildfire – – Throughout The WORLD!  This is A High-Level “Battle for the Human Heart, Soul, and Mind.”  This High-Level “Battle” reflects the quickly-growing Academic, Intellectual, and Social Consequences of SINGULARITY THEORY.  This THEORY basically predicts that, Mankind As We Now Know It will become”Extinct” by the Year 2045!  Please help “Poor Dad” (Dr. Dale Layman) Try To SAVE “Sleeping” Mankind from this Grave New Threat!  – – BEFORE it is TOO LATE!

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