Sylvain Castel Interview

castelTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Swadmap

Location: Asnières-Sur-Seine, France


Mr. Castel was inspired by the writings of economist Jeremy Rifkin to start Swadmap, an innovative new search engine for the Third Industrial Revolution. Listen in to hear Mr. Castel’s thoughts on the progress of his new project.

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Ann Matthews Interview

Title: Retired Speech-Language Pathologist

Company: Plano Independent School District

Location: Plano, TX

As a speech-language pathologist, Ms. Matthews proudly served students of the Plano Independent School District. Now that she is retired, her new goal is to share her stories of hope and inspiration.


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Leonard Wasserman Interview

wassermanTitle: 1) Consultant 2) Adjunct Professor

Company: 1) New York City Economic Development Corporation 2) Brooklyn Law School

Location: New York, NY

Early on in his life, Mr. Wasserman thought he would pursue a career in urban planning. His perspective changed, however, when he realized he was “better with words than colored pencils.” Listen in to hear about his work in the field of economic development.

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Shahnoz Rustamova Interview

rustamovaTitle: OB-GYN

Company: Central Park Medical Practice

Location: New York, NY


As an obstetrician with the Central Park Medical Practice, Dr. Rustamova provides care to patients in the New York City area. Listen in to hear about her woman-owned practice.

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Samantha Inesta Interview

samantha-inestaTitle: Founder, Executive Director

Company: BeaSister2aSister

Location: Brooklyn, NY


As the head of BeaSister2aSister, Samantha Inesta works to help women in need, particularly the victims of sex trafficking and other atrocities. Listen in to hear how Samantha hopes to bring awareness to the existence of male victims of human trafficking, a growing but often ignored population.

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Alice Finnegan Narration

food-donationsTitle: Chairman
Company: Saco Food Pantry
Location: Saco, ME



As the chairman of the Saco Food Pantry, Alice Finnegan works to serve the less fortunate of Saco, Maine, while ensuring that they keep their sense of self-worth. Listen in to hear how the pantry provides a much-needed service to the community.

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Doretha Hudspeth Narration

doretha-hudspethTitle: Lead Counselor, Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) Site Coordinator

Company: Denton High School

Location: Denton, TX


At Denton High School, Doretha Hudspeth works closely with counseling teams to ensure that students are given the support they need to succeed in school and in life. Listen in to hear how Dr. Hudspeth’s career has progressed and how she plans to move forward in the field of counseling.

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Thomas Bertz Narration


Title: Partner (Retired)

Company: Anderson O’Brien Law Firm

Location: Stevens Point, WI


Thomas Bertz looks back on a distinguished legal career in personal injury law. Listen in to hear about the scope of his achievements and accomplishments.

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Robert Findlay Narration

Bob on Holiday.Title: Engineering Professional

Company: Findlay’s Shipwrights

Location: Bomaderry, NSW, Australia


Robert Findlay successfully transitioned from telecommunications to the shipbuilding industry. Listen in to hear his plans for creating vessels to ship cargo and people around the world.

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Patrick Matoole Narration

Dr. Patrick MatooleTitle: Physician, Neurologist

Company: Josephson-Wallack-Munshower Neurology

Location: Indianapolis, IN


As a physician and neurologist, Dr. Matoole oversees hospital operations and treats patients with neurological disorders. Listen in to hear about Dr. Matoole’s medical training and the services he provides to his patients.

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